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Midsoles for Ladies High heels Shoes (Round) / 女裝高踭中低 (圓頭)
  • Mid Soles are used in shoes that are more than 1inch heels.  Its acts as a support for the shoe base and also the bridge.  So that your shoe is not falling down, and it supports your feet arch when its elevated while wearing it.  超過1寸高的鞋,就需要用到中低。 它的作用是為鞋底和橋樑提供支撐。 這樣你的鞋就不會往下垂,而它在穿著時有抬起及支撐你的腳量的作用。


  • Height高度 3inches寸 - 8cm


  • Available sizes: Size 35 – 41.  尺碼:女裝35 - 41.


  • 1 Pair - 1對 Left and Right 左右



** Customization, Development or Sourcing of Mid Soles - please contact us here.  訂製,開發以及採購 - 請與我們聯繫。 聯繫我們.  CONTACT US


Midsoles for Ladies High heels Shoes (Round) / 女裝高踭中低 (圓頭)

    • Prices DO NOT include postage .  價格不包郵。
    • You can self collect at our Mongkok workshop, or via local HK courier service (receiver pays).  可在店鋪自領取,或通過快遞服務(倒付)領取。For overseas order please contact us for a postage quote.  如需海外訂購,請聯繫我們報價。
    • We post by ShunFeng Express from Hong Kong.  我們由順風快遞從香港發布。
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